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Wingtex High Quality Power Net Mesh Compression Fabric for Shapewear

Item Nr: NS095
Composition: Nylon 75% Spandex 25%
Weight: 240g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. excellent elasticity and softness
2. a unique design and fabric structure
3. fit body curve closely
4. enhance blood circulation and boost metabolism
5. high-elastic fabric

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Have you ever aspired to achieve the ideal physique? Are you finding weight loss to be a challenging endeavor? Now! You can easily achieve this dream by compression fabric for shapewear! So you may wonder! On what grounds does it? Because it’s not just a fashionable fabric. It is your secret weapon to shape the body curve and enhance self-confidence! Let’s uncover the secrets behind this amazing fabric.

Compression Fabric for Shapewear: Comfort and Effect

Wingtex compression fabric for shapewear is made of nylon and elastic fibers. These fibers have excellent elasticity and softness. So it will make it fit the curve of your body. At the same time, it can also provide you with a comfortable body feeling. I think when the user puts on the shapewear. The biggest problem she faced was that the shapewear fabric was too hard. So the skin is uncomfortable. However, this is not the case at all with Wingtex’s NS095. It doesn’t matter whether you wear it for work, sports or everyday life. You can feel its comfort.

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Body Shaping Effect: Create Perfect Curves Instantly

This compression fabric for shapewear has a unique design. And its unique fabric structure. So these can effectively shape your body curves. It tightly wraps around your abdomen, waist, and hips, helping tighten loose muscles and providing additional support. So wear shapewear made of this fabric. A lift, a pull, good body immediately result! Because our compression fabric for shapewear is made of high-elastic fabric. So it fits your body curves closely. Provide you with a full range of pressure and support. To create the perfect curve.

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Compression Fabric for Shapewear: Healthy Weight Loss

Compression fabric for shapewear is not just designed for appearance. Additionally, it aids in enhancing blood circulation and boosting metabolism. By providing moderate pressure. It can help speed up fat burning and detoxification.

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Compression fabric for shapewear can provide you with more than just fashion! It is also your secret weapon to achieve the perfect body. Wingtex manufactures shapewear fabrics with more than 20 years of experience. Our fabrics are GRS verified. This ns095 is a high-stretch mesh. 240 gsm gives you a sense of security! Choose from our compression shapewear fabrics. Give your body confidence and charm!contact us