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Wingtex Power Mesh Compression 83 Polyester 17 Spandex Fabric for Shapewear

Item Nr: PS006
Composition: Polyeter 83% Spandex 17%
Weight: 215g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. comfort and breathability
2. unique body shaping effect
3. High quality and durability
4. custom colors for our shapewear fabrics
5. maintain its shape and effect for a long time
6. soft and body-hugging fit

fabric for shapewear bannerIf you own a shapewear business. Have you been looking for a product that will create the perfect body? Then, I would like to recommend our high-quality fabric for shapewear. Because we know that everyone aspires to look confident and healthy. That is why we are committed to providing the best shapewear fabrics as long as it meets your needs. Meaning?
PS006-specifications of fabric for shapewear

What are the Characteristics of Our Fabric for Shapewear?

1. Comfort and breathability
Our fabric for shapewear is made with the most advanced technology. To ensure your comfort and breathability. So the fabric offers a soft and body-hugging fit. Let you feel at home, not bound. Whether you work in an office, exercise, or are active in your daily life. Then our fabrics provide you with all-weather comfort.
power mesh fabric details of high stretch

2. Unique body shaping effect
Our fabric for shapewear is specially designed. Shapewear made of this material can wrap tightly around the hips and waist. Then create perfect curves and lines. This can improve your body proportion. It also effectively tightens and shapes your waist, hips, and thighs. Then it makes you endlessly charming. Whether you’re looking for a slim waist. Or enhance the breasts. Then our shapewear fabrics can meet your needs.power mesh fabric details of colombia Fajas

3. High quality and durability
Our fabric for shapewear is carefully selected and manufactured. So to ensure its high quality and durability. Polyester and spandex blend. Then it has excellent elasticity and resilience. So it can maintain its shape and effect for a long time. Whether you are regularly wearing shapewear for exercise. You still have to spend a lot of time in shapewear. Then our fabrics can meet your needs. Also, maintain a long service life.power mesh fabric details of body sculpting effect

4. Diversify your design
We offer custom colors for our shapewear fabrics. So whether you prefer simple styles or stylish designs. We can provide you with the right choice.power mesh fabric details of quick drying


We firmly believe that our high-quality shapewear fabrics will be the perfect choice for your shapewear business. So it’s the secret to giving your customers the ideal body.
power mesh fabric details of environmental certificate
Choose our shapewear fabric now. So make it your body-shaping partner! Then help your customers get the perfect body! If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us!contact us