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  • soft nylon spandex jersey fabric for sun protection clothing
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Nylon Spandex Matte Jersey Fabric Best Material for Underwear

Item Nr: NS451
Composition: Nylon 85% Spandex 15%
Weight: 190g/m2
Width: 61/63"
1. high elasticity and good recovery
2. cream soft and ice silk
3. UPF50+
4. moisture absorbed
5. free cut and lightweight
6. breathable and superfine knitting

What is Matte Jersey Fabric

soft and smooth matte jersey fabric

Matte is a type of fabric gloss. It gives the fabric a full dull look. It’s not a fabric finish but a yarn finish. Add matte agent during the yarn process. We use 70D nylon(polyamide) FDY(Full Draw Yarn) as raw material. And blending with 40D spandex(elastane). The benefits of the matte fabric are draped well and wrinkle resistant, smooth feeling to make it cool. As for the jersey fabric, the most deserved say is sweat-wicking, breathability, and lightweight. So we could say matte jersey fabric is good for summer.

Which material is best for underwear?

underwear fabric
matte jersey fabric for underwear
buttery soft

When it comes to underwear fabric, most of you prefer natural fiber, right? Like cotton, bamboo, or silk. There is no denying they are good material. But in another aspect, they are expensive. So most of the big brands also choose synthetic fibers such as polyamide or polyester for cost-effectiveness. (That does not include sensitive parts like the panty crotch.) Compared with the two fibers, polyamide is more common to use for underwear. For it has a better hand feel and higher strength, reaching excellent stretch and coverage. In addition, polyamide has better moisture absorption than polyester. So if you need more properties, polyamide is an ideal option for underwear fabric.

Why Nylon Spandex Matte Jersey Fabric?

fabric for seamless undewear
sun protection fabric
fabric application
cool fabric technique
UPF50+ fabric

This fabric has a super soft and cozy hand feel. It feels like ice silk. Especially for summer, you don’t worry about sticky. And the buttery soft fabric seems like your second skin. It won’t be see-through, PERFECT FOR SEAMLESS UNDERWEAR. Furthermore, this cool matte jersey fabric is good for sun protection clothing. Not only because of the super smooth and silky texture but also the higher UPF. So we would say it’s a functional fabric. Let’s try to explore more possibilities of the fabric. For T-shirt fabric, sports fabric…

Why choose Wingtex as your fabric supplier?

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our factory
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As the saying goes: Every potter praises his own pot. But nothing is more important than giving customers sincerity. So if you choose us, I would promise you the followings:
No.1 Quality assurance by the professional inspection team, according to Internation 4 Point Inspection System(20 points deduction is our minimum standard, the international standard is 20-28 points deduction). Beyond 20 points, we will treat them as an unqualified example. And go back to the production to improve it.
No.2 Low MOQ(minimum order quantity) and MCQ(minimum color quantity) If you want to make a trial order, that would be possible.
No.3 Free samples within 1 yard(for available fabrics) for you to confirm the quality. That would be important for your bulk order.
No.4 Free lab dips within 7 days, efficiently for your urgent order.
No.5 Support customize fabric, we will analyze the specification of your sample and confirm with you before production. Also, you can inform us of your requirements for customization.

Any other needs, please call us!

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