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Polyester Lycra Stretch Anti Pill Brushed Knit Fleece Fabric for Sweatshirt and Hoodies

Item Nr: KF1534
Composition: Polyester 75% Spandex 25%
Weight: 280g/m2
(Customizable) Width: 59/61"
1. retain your body heat
2. thick but feel lightweight and breathable
3. soft and fluffy
4. anti-perspiration and quick drying
5. good stretch and resilience
6. pilling resistant and wrinkle resistant

Get to know what wingtex fleece fabric like…

Product Description

Polyester Lycra Spandex Brushed Fleece Fabric for Sweatshirts

Knitting Type circular knitting What is Fleece Fabric? made from polyester or cotton
Handfeel ultra soft popular for insulating garments
Fabric Type stretch fabric an excellent alternative to wool
Appearance one side brushed one side fleece lightweight but also keep warm
Yarn Count PDTY50/40DE create a plush and fluffy texture
Main Features remain warmth without weight; pilling resistant; supple and fluffy; hydrophobic ; insulating fabric
Fabric Usage Sweatshirts; Hoodies; Pullover; Jackets; Hats; Scarves; linings; outerwear; athletic wear
Fleece Fabric Functions Outside is brushed fleece, which creates a napped surface to get the plush feeling
Lycra spandex fleece blend fabric brings the fabric stretchy property to hug the body
Polyester yarn allows the fleece fabric to be versatile, moisture absorbent, quick drying, and breathable
Through the brushing process, it’s not easy to pill and makes the fabric durable and soft
It feels similar to the wool but more lightweight that the wool. Three layers to retain warm

fluffy fleece
one side fleece one side brush

It’s a kind of brushed fleece fabric, which means the outside is a brush and the inside is a fleece. Not only creates a fluffy texture but also an anti-pilling surface. It’s lightweight and breathable, suitable for innerwear and outerwear. The 25% spandex gives itself a high compression, which can hug your body very well. It’s also a stretchy fabric, which is also good for fitted garments. It has 3 layers to keep away from cold air and maintain body heat. That’s why fleece fabric is popular in winter fashion.
fleece stretchy fabric
high compression fabric

Fleece Fabric Usage

Basically, fleece is common for outwear such as ski wear, jackets, and pullover. Our customers also prefer to sew fleece fabric into vests, shirts, loungewear, joggers, and winter leggings. It seems that fleece is ideal for gym wear and sportswear. Besides garments, fleece fabric is also an excellent choice for gloves, beanies, scarves, and other insulation. Due to the lycra spandex blending, it’s also perfect for close-fitting and performance costumes. It retains warmth and beauty.
hoodies fabric
sweatshirt fabric
fleece fabric usage
fabric features

Wingtex Textile Certificate

OEKO-TEX Certificate of wingtex textile

The above is the OEKO-TEX certificate, which is updated to 2023. Every year we will update our certification to ensure our products are continuously human-ecological. Our fleece fabric is safe to contact with baby’s skin. It’s formaldehyde-free and has no heavy metals or other harmful substances. The pH value has passed the OEKO-TEX method. Most importantly, it is completely safe from raw material to dyestuff. Also includes finished agents. So you will be confident to buy eco-textiles and get the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label from wingtex.
Another essential certificate is GRS, which represents our recycled series that meets the Global Recycled Standard. At present, many countries are advocating environmental protection. There is no doubt that recycled products will be a trend. We all know that there are millions of waste textiles from our industry every year. And producing one ton of polyester yarn takes 3 tons of water, 0.855 tons of carbon dioxide, and 0.335 tons of oil. While extracting polyester from 1 PET bottle can reduce 63.4g of CO2. By the way, we also recycle waste polyester or nylon fabrics to give them a second life. The purpose is to reduce waste in landfills, reduce energy consumption and conserve petroleum resources.

Why Wingtex?

Wingtex is not only responsible for the environment, but also for the customers’ benefits:

  • You will get professional recommendations for your end application.
  • You will get qualified fabric with 4-5 grade color fastness.
  • According to the finishing process, it’s available for test reports such as Dri-Fit; anti-bacterial, UV protection, or tan through
  • Available for tags of recycled polyester or nylon, warp cotton, and OEKO-TEX label.
  • For some brushed or fleece fabrics, we can also provide test reports of pilling resistance for you.
  • For German customers, we get the EPR Registration and related certification.
  • Possible for free hanger samples and color swatches.
  • Custom color and printing with MOQ 1 yard.

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