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Wingtex High-quality Soft Heather Gray Fabric for Sportswear

Item Nr:PS434M
Composition: Polyester 90% Spandex 10%
Weight: 160g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. soft and natural colors
2. look simple and fashionable
3. excellent air permeability
4. cool and comfortable
5. good hygroscopic properties
6. durability and wrinkle resistance


90polyester 10spandex fabric bannerThe recent fitness craze! I think a good fitness effect must have good sports equipment! I don’t know what you think. If you own a sportswear business. Then you must not miss wingtex heather gray fabric! Why not miss it? Please listen to my words! Meaning?Heather gray jersey fabric

What is Heather Gray Fabric?

The raw material of heather gray fabric is hemp fiber. What is hemp fiber? Hemp fiber is a natural fiber extracted from the stem of the flax plant. So it shows a gray fabric. Its colors are soft and natural. It has a distinctive grey tone. This gray is also combined with dyeing techniques. Make the fabric look simple and fashionable. You must see it often in the stores of some sports brands. It shows that it is relatively popular. So its sales market is also very wide. thereforefabric introduction of heather gray fabric

What are the Advantages of Heather Gray Fabric?

Heather gray fabric has many advantages.
First of all, it has excellent air permeability. That’s because Wingtex’s heather gray fabric is made from a blend of polyester and spandex. To allow air to flow freely. Keep your body cool and comfortable. So it becomes the ideal choice for summer clothing. Especially in hot climates!fabric details of heather gray fabric

Secondly, it has good hygroscopic properties. It absorbs sweat and evaporates quickly. So it’s great as sportswear and outdoor clothing! You can achieve the ideal state of exercise. It is not affected by the hot situation. So it gives you the freedom to exercise your possibilities.blue and grey Hemp grey fabric

In addition, it also has durability and wrinkle resistance. It’s a tough fabric. At the same time, the hemp fiber’s texture also gives the fabric a certain wrinkle resistance. It does not wrinkle easily. Then keep your image clean at all times.

Sum up

In general. Heather gray fabric is high quality, fashionable, and comfortable. This makes it popular with customers. Whether a T-shirt a sports bra or a sports cap, it can bring you a unique style and special experience.applications of heather gray fabric

Suppose you are looking for a heather gray fabric! Then wingtex fabrics will be your choice. Contact us! Let us provide you with more information and serve you!contact us