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Wingtex Hot Sales Nylon Spandex Shapewear Fabric Material

Item Nr: NS095
Composition: Nylon 75% Spandex 25%
Weight: 240g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. elasticity and comfort
2. good air permeability
3. good moisture management
4. shape the body line
5. make you feel fresh
6. high modulus and high resistance

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In modern society, appearance and confidence have become the focus of people’s pursuits. Every woman has the desire to have the perfect body! That’s why! Shapewear is the market prospect! If you happen to have a shapewear business! Then you can’t miss our wingtex shapewear fabric material – 75 % nylon and 25% Spandex Shaperwear fabric. It has excellent elasticity and comfort. It also fits the curves of the body tightly. Then create an enviable body line for you. So, are you looking for a shapewear fabric material that will deliver the perfect shape? Then, nylon spandex mixed shapewear fabric will be your ideal choice! Let’s take a look at the unique benefits of this amazing fabric!

Advantages of Shapewear Fabric Material

Elasticity and Comfort

Nylon spandex blend shapewear fabric is very elastic. It fits the curve of your body. So make you feel comfortable whether it’s for everyday wear or special occasions. It allows you to show off your beauty with confidence.

At the same time, Every woman who has worn shapewear must have had this experience. That is, after wearing a shapewear for a long time. It can make the skin feel uncomfortable.

The restraints may be so strong that the skin can’t breathe. Or it could be that the fabric has hardened over time. This is the result of not choosing the right material for the body shaping! Therefore, it is very important to choose elastic and comfortable fabrics!fabric details of breathable

Shaping Effect

The unique fiber structure of this fabric effectively shapes the body line. Make your abdomen, waist, and hips look tighter and more shaped. It can tighten loose skin. Boost your confidence. Let you radiate charm on any occasion.high stretch fabric for shapewear

Air Permeability and Moisture Management

This shapewear fabric material not only has excellent elasticity and shaping effect. It also has good air permeability and moisture management functions. This means you can wear it in hot weather. It can still stay dry and comfortable for sports or everyday wear. So this kind of fabric can make you feel fresh and at ease.

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Diverse Design and Color Options of Shapewear Fabric Material

This premium shapewear fabric material offers a wide selection of designs and colors. This can meet the needs and preferences of different groups of people whether you prefer simple style or fashion trends. This can find the style that suits you. Wingtex offers custom color services. We can first provide an A4 size sample for you to check the quality. Then we’ll place a bulk order next. It is convenient for you to get the best results. Also convenient we can provide you with better service!

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Sum up

When you’re choosing a shapewear fabric, Nylon spandex mixed fabric is undoubtedly your best choice. It offers flexibility, comfort, shape, and durability to meet your needs. Not only that, but it also allows you to project confidence and charm on any occasion.  Then choose a nylon spandex blend of shapewear fabric material! Give your body a perfect glow!

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