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Wingtex Stripe Knit Fabric for Swimwear and Underwear

Item Nr: KF1507
Composition: Nylon 86% Spandex 14%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 130cm/51in
1. fashion and beauty
2. unique stripe design
3. soft and breathable
4. multiple uses
5. high-quality fiber materials

In this fast-paced age. We pursue fashion and beauty. But more comfort and quality! Stripe knit fabric has extraordinary highlights and an assortment of styles. It is comfortable, soft, breathable, and durable. So this permits you to feel idealized consolation while wearing it. Then let me introduce you if you’re interested in it!stripe rib fabric moisture wicking

Features of Stripe Knit Fabric

Speaking of the characteristics of stripe knit fabric, the most important is of course its unique stripe design. Its striped design makes it stand out. Wigntex chose stripes to look more like rib fabrics. The striped designs are arranged neatly and tightly. At the same time, its elasticity allows it to pull apart without damaging the structure of the stripes. If you want to build a fashion brand for yourself. Well, this fabric will meet your expectations. Wingtex’s stripe knit fabric adds a unique touch to your fashion collection.stripe fabric coral pink and dark blue

Secondly, as a fabric manufacturer. We pay attention to the quality and comfort of our fabrics. Stripe knit fabric is made of high-quality fiber materials. So we can make sure it’s soft and breathable. This lightweight and comfortable fabric is suitable not only for summer wear but also for use in making autumn clothes. It can too include warmth and consolation to a fall/winter see.stripe fabric for pants

Then stripe knit fabric is more than just a fashion fabric. It also has multiple uses. You can use it to make fashionable clothes. Such as crop tank tops, dresses, T-shirts, pants, etc. Whether you are presenting yourself on the fashion stage. Or dress at home to create a welcoming atmosphere. Stripe knit fabric can meet your needs.stripe knit fabric for swimwear and underwear

Finally, we offer you a wide variety of options. Our range is available in coral pink, dark blue, light green, pink, light green, and light purple. You can also choose different colors and prints according to your preferences and needs. That’s our custom service. Your fabric will take longer to get to you. So whatever you are after, we can meet your taste.stripe fabric for crop tank tops

Sum up

Stripe knit fabric can help you create a unique fashion look. Make you stand out from the crowd! Show your personality and taste. Contact us now! So make it the first choice for your fashion trip! Then show your personality and taste!contact us