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Overprint Fabric 75 Nylon 25 Spandex for Leggings

Item Nr: NS110
Composition: Nylon 75% Spandex 25%
Weight: 220g/m2
Width: 148cm/58inch
1. durable overprint with pre-dyed fabric
2. no whitening when stretching it
3. pliable and flexible
4. smooth and fine texture
5. moisture wicking and quickly dry
6. ready-to-ship overprint fabric

What is Overprint Fabric?

overprint fabric with dyed base
Generally, overprinting fabric means printing the pre-dyed fabric. Pre-treat the ground fabric with dyeing and create the print on it. This way solved the problem of whitening. Thus allowing the print to stay in the fabric naturally. So overprint fabric is ideal for leggings. You don’t need to worry about the whitening phenomenon. The print and the base fabric color are naturally combined. No matter how you stretch it, there is no color changing. The leggings made of overprint fabric keep style and quality. That’s what matters.

What is Wingtex Overprint Fabric?

wingtex overprint fabric

We use nylon spandex fabric as ground fabric. Nylon is easy to dye and has good dye adhesion. e Before printing, we pre-dyed the ground fabric into different colors like black, indigo, light blue, etc. The print color often matches the basic color. That is to say, the black basic color is often printed with black or black serious. This is to guarantee the pattern can be better integrated with the base fabric. You will find the basic colors of both sides are in the same shade. And the print pattern looks darker than the basic color. And the outfit of this overprint fabric looks aesthetic.

overprint fabric with pre-dyed base

What’s the Property of Wingtex Overprint Fabric?

High Durability

overprint fabric with pre-dyed
As it saying goes: Well begun is half done. Because of the durable basic fabric, we can make durable overprint fabric. Although pre-dyeing basic fabric takes time and increases cost, it brings a long-lasting use. That deserves. Not only please customers but also please ourselves.

Moisture Wicking

overprint fabric for yoga leggings
Why is it moisture wicking? That is closely related to the fiber. Nylon is a hydrophilic fiber, allowing the overprint fabric to be absorbent and quickly dry. So nylon is always material for leggings. Many big brands like Lulu choose nylon as raw material. Thus improving the comfort level.

Smooth and Soft

zebra overprint fabric for leggings
Nylon has a soft and smooth hand feeling among synthetic fibers. This makes the overprint fabric skin-friendly and comfortable. Also, the smooth surface gives leggings a nude feeling. Just like a layer of skin. When wearing zebra printing, you will feel like a zebra is catching you.

Compression Fabric

different styles of overprint fabric for leggings and sports bra
What is compression fabric? Briefly, it has the property of body control. By giving your body pressure, your muscles get support, and your blood flow increases. The overprint fabric is nice for athletic sports and postpartum recovery. Thus forming a healthy and beautiful life.

What’s the Service Can You Get?

color swatch of overprint fabric
Here are some ready-to-ship overprint fabrics for your reference. That means the print patterns above are available for quality checking. You will obtain overprint fabric by the yard and color swatch. Almost 15 types of over-print styles are in stock. So don’t worry about the delivery. If you need to customize overprinting, just let us know your wanted pattern. Or you can tell us your basic color for pre-dyeing. You will get a personal design for dyeing and overprinting. No matter how complex the print is, we will try our best to realize it. Please believe that wingtex can do a good job! If you come up with an idea, why not give it a go?