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Wingtex UPF50+ Sun Protection Fabric with Ice Silk Touch

Item Nr: NS451
Composition: Nylon 85% Spandex 15%
Weight: 190g/m2
Width: 59/60"
1. protect skin from UV rays
2. ice silk cool touch
3. a mix of nylon and spandex
4. good sun protection properties
5. comfort and soft

The summer sunshine brings us warmth and vitality. But it also brings with it the threat of ultraviolet light. So, when it comes to summer sun protection clothes are hot. Almost every man, woman, or child has one. In this case, sun protection fabric becomes especially important! To protect your skin from UV rays. So let me introduce you to Wingtex’s ice silk cool touch fabric, sun protection fabric.cool fabric technique

What is Sun Protection Fabric?

Sun protection fabric is a high-tech fabric. It effectively blocks both types of ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation. These radiations are a major cause of problems such as sunburn, tanning, skin aging, and skin cancer. So!buttery soft

Specifically designed to block harmful ultraviolet radiation. It uses advanced textile technology. Special fibers are combined with UV protection agents. So creating a powerful protective barrier. This fabric has excellent UV protection. So this way it blocks most UV rays.

How to Make Sun Protection Fabric?

You must be wondering when you see this. How does it differ from ordinary fabrics? Or in other words, what operations make it so special? Let me answer it for you!sun protection fabric

First, choose the right fiber material. Our NS451 is a mix of nylon and spandex. Why choose them? Because these fibers have good sun protection properties and comfort. With special functions and comfort at the same time. Think about it. If a piece of sun protection fabric can protect you from the sun. But it feels very stiff to the touch, it may make the skin uncomfortable, especially for women and children with delicate skin if they wear it for an extended time. So soft fabrics are very important.

Second, add sunscreen. Special sunscreen is added during fiber processing. This will increase the sun protection of the fabric. These sunscreens absorb or reflect UV rays. And reduce its damage to the skin.

Finally, to carry out textile processing. Through textile technology. Then weave fibers into fabrics. Form a protective layer. This texture ordinarily has a tight material structure. To provide better sun protection. No doubt you’ve seen people text and review sunscreen on TikTok or YouTube. The decisive role is the sun protection fabric!How UPF50+ fabric work

Sum up

The advantage of sun protection fabric is that it can provide convenience and comfort for people. It is a fashionable choice. It is widely used in outdoor sports clothing, swimsuits, hats,  and other products. Provide additional sun protection for people during outdoor activities. By choosing the right sun protection fabric. You can superiorly secure your skin from UV beams. And your sunscreen products will sell!colors of matte jersey fabric

Select a sun protection fabric. Then make your skin protection easier and more stylish. Buy our NS451 now! Enjoy the summer sun. Have healthy and beautiful skin!contact us