Here are our hot selling fabrics including NS036 for swimwear, PXE111G for leggings, NS095 for shapewear, NS620 for yogawear.PS450 for underwear,etc. The fabric following are hot selling in America, Colombia, Mexico,UAE,Vietnam. Most of our customers use our fabrics for garments sewing such as fajas, yoga leggings, suit, bra, activewear, swimsuit,,etc. Some of our customers used one kind of fabric to sew variety of fashionable clothes. This also proves that our fabrics are multi-purpose.

Stripe Fabric for Crop Tank Top

Item Nr: KF1507
Composition: Nylon 86% Spandex 14%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 130cm/51in
1. stylish stripe fabric
2. soft and 4 way high stretch
3. wicking and quick dry
4. breathable and skincare
5. OEKO-TEX certified
6. available colors and customization

100% Polyester Fabric for T-shirt Sublimation Blank Fabric

Item Nr: P108
Composition: Polyester 100%
Weight: 160-180g/m2
Width: 150cm
1. wrinkle resistant
2. hold shape and stylish
3. can achieve accurate print
4. slight stretch
5. microfiber polyester to get better hand feel
6. raw white and bleach white available

Fleece Fabric for T-shirt

Item Nr: KF1458
Composition: Polyester 95% Elastane 5%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 175cm/69in
1. soft and warm
2. quite stretchy and keep original
3. llght to wear
4. easy to wick and dry
5. sensitive skin accessible
6. custom printing on it

T-shirt fabric Brushed Milk Silk Fabric Polyester 95% Elastane 5% for Sublimation Printing

Item Nr: KF1461
Composition: Polyester 95% Spandex 5%
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 175cm
1. ultra soft and breathable
2. not see-thorugh
3. high stretch and recovery
4. can direct print
5. high-quality Polyester DTY
6. custom finishing process

Boardshort Fabric Sublimation Printed Stretch Woven Polyester Microfiber Fabric

Item Nr: YFY008/YFY009/YFY010
Composition: Recycled Polyester 90% Spandex 10% / Polyester 88% Spandex 12% / 100% Polyester
Weight: 160gsm/170gsm/118gsm
Width: 57-59INCH
1. waterproof fabric
2. strong sublimation print
3. firm and durable
4. quick drying
5. tightly-woven
6. various yarns and pop print

Overprint Fabric 75 Nylon 25 Spandex for Leggings

Item Nr: NS110
Composition: Nylon 75% Spandex 25%
Weight: 220g/m2
Width: 148cm/58inch
1. durable overprint with pre-dyed fabric
2. no whitening when stretching it
3. pliable and flexible
4. smooth and fine texture
5. moisture wicking and quickly dry
6. ready-to-ship overprint fabric

Foil Print Fabric Polyester Elastane for Leggings

Item Nr: PS108
Composition: Polyester 73% Spandex 27% / Polyester 82% Spandex 18%
Weight: 210-250g/m2
Width: 145-148cm/57-58in
1. glitter foil print
2. simulation leather effect
3. 4 way stretch
4. quality ground fabric
5. available printed patterns

Embossed Fabric 78% Nylon 22% Elastane for Leggings

Item Nr: NS110
Composition: Nylon 78% Spandex 22%
Weight: 200/220g/m2
Width: 148cm/58inch
1. high-quality embossing process
2. provide supprot for leggings
3. no defroming and wrinkling
4. buttery soft and skincare
5. elastic for body-fitting
6. ready-to-ship colors and embossing styles

Tan Through Fabric Nylon Spandex Micro-Mesh Fabric

Item Nr: NS009 / NS101
Composition: Nylon 91% Spandex 9% / Nylon 80% Spandex 20%
Weight: 90gsm / 160gsm
Width: 152cm
1. tan through mesh
2. lightweight and elastic
3. breathable and quick dry
4. micro-hole without sunburning
5. solid color or printed color
6. available color and printing